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  • The most frequent comment made by respondents about the draft objectives is that there is a lack of focus on residents and their parking needs (8%)
  • 5% are generally negative about the objectives or find them to be too vague or contradictory
  • 4% are generally supportive of the objectives. whilst 3% would like solutions to remove large, commercial or unused vehicles from residential streets, an improved resident permit system, more focus on car reduction, and improved public transport

Do you have any (other) comments to make about the draft strategic objectives?

Base: Total sample (2,086)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Not enough focus on residents and their parking needs e.g. can't park near own home, overspill at edge of zones, people not using their garages or driveways, introduce marked bays, find a solution to football parking issues 8
2 Generally negative e.g. unachievable, tax on motorists, anti-motorist 5
3 Too vague / contradictory / in the wrong order 5
4 Generally supportive 4
5 Need solutions to remove large, commercial or unused vehicles from residential streets 3
6 Resident permit system needs improving e.g. permit whole island or abolish, look at time limits, charge according to size of vehicle, restrict number of permits per household 3
7 Not sustainable / green enough e.g. not enough focus on getting cars out of city centre, parking still too affordable to act as a deterrent, too many cars, air quality should be top priority, scrappage grants for old cars 3
8 Improve public transport including Park & Ride (no use to residents, doesn't go to the seafront, start a loyalty scheme) 3
9 Ensure new developments have sufficient parking / reduce HMOs / control student parking 2
10 Expensive or reduced provision of parking discourages shoppers, residents and visitors 2
11 Car alternatives not suitable for everyone or all occasions / cars will always be needed 1
12 Improve cycling and walking options e.g. safer roads, incentives to buy electric bikes 1
13 More enforcement of parking / traffic regulations e.g. dangerous behaviour on e-scooters, parking on double yellow lines / blind corners / pavements 1
14 Concerns over new technology e.g. parking apps not suitable for all 1
15 Improve road layouts e.g. to reduce congestion, help sustainable transport 1
16 Focus less on green issues 1
17 Other e.g. consider island as a whole, ease planning restrictions for residents putting in parking bays, improve the city centre, put marked bays in residential areas, underground parking, reduce port pollution, use commercial/multi-storey parking for residents, leave it as it is, more EV infrastructure needed, ensure adequate disabled parking 3
18 No relevant comment / no comment 66