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  • 10% of further comments mention having a fairer permit system for residents such as lower costs, visitor passes, or changes to the times of restrictions
  • 9% would like to see solutions to reduce large vehicles in residential areas
  • 8% would like more focus on residents and their parking needs more generally such as the ability to park outside or close to one’s own property

Do you have any (other) comments to make about the draft policies for objective 2?

Base: Total sample (1,324)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Fairer permit system e.g. no charge for second permit, first permit should be free, free visitor passes, expand evening deadline for residential parking, cheaper renewals, city-wide zones, local worker permits 10
2 Need new solutions to reduce large or unused vehicles in residential areas e.g. commercial, campervans 9
3 More focus on residents and their parking needs required e.g. being able to park close to their house when returning from work or social occasion, no space guaranteed even with paid permit 8
4 New permit restrictions / pricing e.g. based on size/type of vehicle, limited permits per property, tighter controls on visitor permits, those with garages/driveways not given permits, solve football parking issue 6
5 Better enforcement of current parking / traffic rules e.g. e-scooter usage and resident parking zones, mark out bays and fine those who park inconsiderately 5
6 Concerns about smart technology e.g. expensive, doesn’t always work, not inclusive, encourages mobile phone use when driving, not recognising blue badge holders, previous black bumps didn't work 5
7 Generally negative e.g. cars will always be needed / active travel not suitable for everyone, anti-motorist / restrictive, won't work / not achievable, not based on proper evidence 5
8 Generally supportive e.g. use of new technology, variable time use of kerbside parking, like permit control areas 5
9 Create more parking spaces e.g. remove bike sheds, more one-way roads, monitor disabled bay under-usage, use wasteland for parking, use schools or commercial premises for residential or theatre parking, multi-storeys, ease process of converting forecourts, out of city residential parking options with good transport links 3
10 Control population / housing e.g. fewer HMOs, adequate parking at new developments, students not to have cars 3
11 Displacement at edge of a zone is a problem 3
12 Money-making exercise for the council / tax on residents 3
13 Improve public transport and active travel options 2
14 Not sustainable / green enough e.g. not enough focus on reducing cars and parking need 2
15 Other e.g. leave as it is, no more EV only parking spaces, increase EV parking spaces, ban e-scooters and e-bikes, introduce drop-off and pick-up spaces, distribution hub off island, lack of parking damaging economy, better road layouts 3
16 No relevant comment / no comment 55