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Ensure regular review of Residents’ Parking Zones across the city


  • Policy F (ensure regular review of Residents’ Parking Zones across the city) was the policy attracting the highest levels of disagreement for objective 2
  • Levels of disagreement are high across the majority of subgroups (10%-15%) except for those aged under 35 and over 64+, females and residents living in PO5
  • 34% of respondents disagree with policy F because they feel that the resident parking zones are a money-making scheme for the council that penalises residents.
  • 17% have issues with how the system works, such as finding it unfair that residents have to pay for a permit or feeling that parking regulations should be the same across the city, whilst 14% feel that the system will not work and does not solve parking problems

Who disagrees with policy F?

Base: (top to bottom) | Total sample: 1,324 | Age: 108, 152, 216, 286, 247, 91 | Sex: 563, 507 | Postcode: 114, 266, 131, 311, 159, 124, 58 | Disability: 230, 817

This chart shows the proportion of respondents who disagree with policy F (Ensure regular review of Residents’ Parking Zones across the city):
12% of the total sample.
8% of those aged under 35, 13% of those aged 35-44, 15% of those aged 45-54, 13% of those aged 55-64, 5% of those aged 65-74, and 7% of those aged 75 and over.
12% of males and 8% of females.
10% of those in PO1, 13% of those in PO2, 13% of those in PO3, 12% of those in PO4, 8% of those in PO5, 10% of those in PO6, and 14% of those living externally to PO1-PO6.
11% of those with a disability and 10% of those without a disability.

Why do you disagree with policy F?

Base: Respondents who disagree with policy F (153)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Money-making scheme / penalises residents 34
2 Issues with how the system works e.g. unfair to pay for a permit, system should be the same across the whole city, generally not in support of parking zones 17
3 System will not work/ does not solve parking problems 14
4 No guarantee of a space 13
5 Displacement at edge of a zone is a problem 12
6 Restrict HMOs and students, ensure new developments have sufficient parking 7
7 Incentivise households to have fewer / smaller vehicles 7
8 Generally negative 5
9 Lack of enforcement 5
10 Too vague e.g. how and when reviewed 4
11 No commercial vehicles, campervans and SUVs to park on street in residential areas 4
12 Permits cause problems for people visiting relatives or friends and having to pay in a different zone 3
13 Not in line with green targets 3
14 Other e.g. must be done in consultation with residents, enforce use of garages and driveways, leave it as it is, restrict football parking, use commercial areas overnight for resident parking 5
15 No relevant comment / no comment 15