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  • 6% of respondents make comments that are generally negative and consider the exercise to be too woke and a waste of money
  • A corollary theme for 5% is that the council should be focusing on core services instead
  • 5% are also generally positive about the strategy and believe that a diverse workforce will improve services
  • 5% find the strategy to be too vague and a box-ticking exercise, with little thought on how it can be implemented to suit Portsmouth’s needs

Do you have any other comments about this strategy?

Base: Total sample (388)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Generally negative e.g. 'woke', waste of money 6
2 Focus more on core services 5
3 Generally positive e.g. diverse workforce will improve services 5
4 Vague / box ticking / needs to be designed specifically for Portsmouth 5
5 Questions around implementation 4
6 Selection on merit e.g. no quotas, anonymous CVs 4
7 Discriminatory towards majority / creates differences and problems / minorities should adapt to majority values and behaviours 4
8 Improve consultation processes so invisible voices are heard, better community engagement including with businesses/employers, co-design of policies 3
9 Mandatory EDI training for staff and council volunteers 2
10 Strategy is not needed. Just treat everyone equally and with respect 2
11 More focus on accessibility and removing barriers for the disabled (physical and mental) 1
12 Other e.g. one part-time staff member for EDI not enough, employment for older workers, work with other organisations to help them improve their EDI strategy, women's rights should not be overlooked 5
13 No comment/ no relevant comment 65