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Two organisations emailed a response/commentary on the draft EDI strategy documentation


Portsmouth Down Syndrome Association

The association questions the accessibility of the consultation for those with learning difficulties, highlighting that a telephone option is not helpful for many with learning difficulties who have speech and language difficulties. They recommend an Easy Read survey format be developed alongside targeted outreach to relevant groups to make sure these sections of the community can take part and share their views


Work Better Innovations

This organisation welcomes Portsmouth City Council’s commitment to “champion diversity, equity and inclusion, cultivating a safe environment for staff, residents and businesses to achieve their full potential through empowerment, innovation and freedom of expression”, as set out in the Mission Statement. As a community interest company that works in the field of business and human rights, they especially champion the importance of eliminating discriminatory barriers in employment and in all aspects of public life. The local economy can best thrive when it is inclusive and dynamic. Work Better Innovations’ work is rooted in working with migrant and minority communities in and around Portsmouth to realise the vision of an inclusive and sustainable economy, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) based on social equity. They support Portsmouth City Council’s framework, setting out the four modules of improvement to guide the implementation of its EDI Strategy