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  • Those aged 45-64 are more critical of the key area of embedding greater awareness of equalities (11%) than other age groups
  • Males are more likely to disagree than females (12% vs 6%)
  • There is little difference in disagreement based on other criteria
  • The most frequent comments from those disagreeing with this key area are a belief that selection should be based solely on merit, not on diversity quotas or other box-ticking exercises
  • The policy is also criticised for being vague or unrealistic, and a waste of taxpayers’ money
  • Other comments are that the council should be doing this already, that sufficient legislation is already in place, or that it’s rude to assume someone is unequal because of certain protected characteristics

Who disagrees with ‘supporting staff and creating a more diverse workforce'?

Base: Total sample: (388) | 16-44 (68) | 45-64 (132) | 65+ (134) | Male (150) | Female (172) | Heterosexual (228) | Other orientations (54) | White British (268) | Other ethnic groups (55) | Disability (117) | No disability (215)

This chart shows the proportion of respondents who disagree with ‘supporting staff and creating a more diverse workforce’:
12% of the total sample
7% of 16-44 year olds
11% of 45-64 year olds
9% of 65+ year olds
12% of Males
6% of Females
9% of those who are Heterosexual
9% of those who are of an Other sexual orientation
9% of those from a White British ethnic group
9% of those from Other ethnic groups
8% of those with a Disability
10% of those with No disability

Please tell us why you don't agree with "supporting our staff and creating a more diverse workforce"?

Base: All those disagreeing (47)
wdt_ID Key themes in order of frequency of mentions
1 Selection on merit not diversity / discriminates against the majority
2 Vague / unrealistic
3 Generally negative e.g. waste of money
4 Other e.g. should be doing this already, rude to assume someone is unequal, sufficient laws already in place