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  • Of those disagreeing with the ultimate aim of achieving ‘excellent’ the most frequent theme was general negativity towards the strategy calling it ‘woke’, a waste of money or a box ticking exercise for the council
  • A quarter of those disagreeing want the council to focus instead on core services and local needs
  • 7% want selection (for jobs) to be based solely on merit, not on protected characteristics
  • 7% think the council should only implement the EDI policies required to meet legal requirements rather than going above and beyond

Why do you disagree we should be trying to achieve 'excellent' on the Equalities Framework for Local Government?

Base: Respondents who disagree with ultimate aim (60)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Generally negative e.g. ‘woke’, waste of money, box ticking for the council 40
2 Focus on core services / local needs 25
3 Selection on merit not protected characteristics 7
4 Do what the law requires, not more 7
5 Other e.g. do not trust equalities framework, need a precis of the framework, return to Christian values 10
6 No relevant comment / no comment 25