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  • In line with previous comments, 26% of those disagreeing with the approach consider the strategy to be a waste of time and money, and would prefer the focus to be on providing core services
  • Just under a fifth have concerns about the Equalities Framework: that it is not necessarily the right model to be following, they don’t trust it, or they don’t feel it is tailored to Portsmouth (Note, there appears to be slight confusion caused by the word ‘industry’ suggesting the best practice is from commercial entities)

Why do you disagree with measuring our work against the established industry best practice in the Equalities Framework for Local Government?

Base: Respondents who disagree with approach (58)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Waste of time and money / ‘woke’ nonsense / focus on core services 26
2 Don't trust it / not qualified / not necessarily a good practical example / tends to be box ticking / not customised for Portsmouth / outdated 19
3 Exclusive of certain groups e.g. disabled, elderly / certain minorities and orientations taking over 10
4 Equality already exists / select on merit 7
5 Not in the best interests of tax-payers / residents 5
6 Other e.g. can be misrepresented, too little too late 12
7 No relevant comment / no comment 24