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  • The main reason residents would like a hybrid approach is because it is fair for everyone; over a third (35%) cited this
  • Other popular reasons for selecting a hybrid approach were for traffic access (23%) and because it is better for residents (23%)

Base: Residents wanting a hybrid approach (84)

This table shows the main reasons describing why residents want a hybrid approach.

wdt_ID Why do you feel this way? %
1 Fair for everyone 35
2 Traffic access 23
3 Better for residents 23
4 Reduces traffic 19
5 Accessibility 19
6 Retain nice atmosphere 17
7 Prevents displaced traffic 13
8 Better for businesses 11
9 Walking / cycling access 11
10 Environmental reasons 2
11 Other 5

Some of our residents have said:

“Allows the business to still have the outside space but allows residents access to their properties.”

“The road is not wide enough for two way traffic especially when cars are parked on one side.”

“To stop road users using Castle Road as a rat run and improve air quality in the area.”

“This solution gives access to residents and service vehicles such as ambulances while retaining the nice atmosphere which it has at the moment.”