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  • The majority of residents want Castle Road to remain close to vehicles as it is now (59%); over a quarter would prefer a hybrid approach (27%) and 14% would like it reopened
  • There is little difference in the proportion wanting the road to remain closed between residents of Castle Road (59%) and those in connecting roads (60%), however a larger proportion of those living directly on Castle Road would like the hybrid approach (four percentage point increase)

Which of these three options do you support the most?

Base: Total residents (377) | Living on a connecting road (275) | Living on Castle Road (102)

This chart shows a summary of support levels with proposed approaches to the road closure. 59% of residents support keeping the road closed as it is now whereas 14% would like the road reopened to vehicles. 27% of residents would like a hybrid approach with a one-way lane for vehicles from south to north.
Residents living on castle road were slightly more supported of the hybrid approach (4 percentage point difference).