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  • 36% of respondents have a generally positive attitude towards car club
  • Respondents also made comments about the uncertainties surrounding how car club works (21%) and car club pricing (19%)

Open-ended comments regarding car clubs opening in the respondent’s area

Base: Total sample (296)

This table shows that within the other comments made by respondents about car clubs
36% have a generally positive attitude towards car club
21% have uncertainties about how car club works
19% have issues surrounding car club prices
17% say that a car club would not suit their personal needs and or circumstance
9% say that car club(s) would worsen parking in Portsmouth
9% say that improving other forms of transportation would be a better option
8% make other comments about car club

wdt_ID Other comments Percentage (%)
1 Generally positive attitude towards car club 36
2 Uncertainties about how car club works 21
3 Issues around car club pricing 19
4 A car club would not suit my personal needs / circumstances 17
5 Parking in Portsmouth would be made worse 9
6 Improving other forms of transportation is a better option 9
7 Other(s) 8

Specific comments

“ Car club vehicles need to be available and easy to use”

“Where would parking and collection and returns be sited?”

“Who is responsible for fuel / electricity charge for the vehicles?”

“If insurance is additional then I do not see the scheme being cheap enough for me“

“So is the petrol/fuel included in the pence per mile?“

“I am disabled and there are many reasons it would not cover my needs“

Some female respondents said they “would need to feel safe walking to the car pod during hours of darkness”

Car club “will take up more valuable and much needed parking around Portsmouth“

There are calls for “an improved green public transport offer” and ” better cheaper public transport“