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  • The majority of respondents do not have a disability (89%), whilst 11% do
  • The most common disabilities are physical disabilities (53%) or mobility issues (45%)

Do you consider yourself to have a disability under the Equality Act 2010?

Base: Total sample (493)

This chart shows that:
11% of respondents have a disability
89% do not have a disability

What type of disability do you have?

Base: Those with a disability (47)

This chart shows that, of those who have a disability:
53% have a physical disability
45% have a mobility disability
34% have a mental health disability
19% have a hearing disability
17% have a learning disability
11% have a visual impairment
11% have another disability

Do you use any of the following supports/aids?

Base: Total sample (497)

This chart shows that:
7% of respondents use a walking stick
2% use a walking frame
1% use crutches
1% use a manual wheelchair
1% use a mobility scooter
Less than 1% use an electric or powered wheelchair
Less than 1% have a guide dog
2% use other supports or aids
90% do not use any supports or aids