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  • There is good representation of all age groups from ages 25+, with the vast majority being aged 35 and over (87%)
  • There is an even split of male and female respondents, whilst 1% each are intersex or prefer to self-describe as non-binary

What is your age group?

Base: Total sample (529)

This chart shows that:
2% of respondents are 18-24 years old
10% are 25-34 years old
20% are 35-44 years old
22% are 45-54 years old
23% are 55-64 years old
18% are 65-74 years old
4% are 75 years old and over

What is your sex?

Base: Total sample (534)

This chart shows that:
49% of respondents are male
49% are female
1% are intersex
1% prefer to self-describe

This chart shows: xyz