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Previous consultation revealed the following issues:

  • There is often too much traffic for a residential street
  • Vehicles go over the 20mph speed limit

This design proposes to:

  • Restrict vehicle access to Orchard Road from Fawcett Road. People will still be able to drive into the road from Talbot Road to the east
  • Keep walking and cycling access to Orchard Road from Fawcett Road
  • Add a new turning space for vehicles. This will require removing four parking spaces. Note that it will not be possible to keep the road as two-way without the turning head
  • Use road space in creative ways*

*This space could be used for greening, cycle storage, cycle parking or seating

Drawing of Orchard Road where it meets Fawcett Road with proposed changes, including graphics of cars, pedestrians, cyclists and trees. When facing Fawcett Road, on the right-hand side of Orchard Road just before the intersection with Fawcett Road - two sets of lockable bollards allowing access for emergency services (one right at the intersection, and one slightly further down Orchard Road). On the opposite side of the road - install planters aligned with the bollards to prevent motor vehicle access, and in the area between these will be a creative space which could be used for a bike hangar, e-bike stand, greening or other items. Behind these bollards and planters on Orchard Road - a new turning space for vehicles, which will require removing four parking spaces. Access to properties on Orchard Road from Talbot Road will be possible still from the East.