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  • Hilsea and Fratton stations are regarded as the most inaccessible train stations in Portsmouth, with 55% and 46% of our sample stating so
  • Portsmouth and Southsea was seen to be the third most inaccessible station with 30% mentioning it, followed by Cosham station, seen as inaccessible by a quarter of our sample (25%)
  • Portsmouth Harbour is rated most accessible of all the stations in Portsmouth with only 18% considering it to be inaccessible

Train stations which are the least accessible

Base: Those saying some stations are not accessible (308) 

This chart shows the stations that are deemed to be the least accessible by respondents
Hilsea station is deemed the least accessible, with 55% respondents rating it the least accessible
Fratton station is deemed the second least accessible, with 46% respondents rating it the least accessible
Portsmouth and Southsea station is deemed the third least accessible, with 30% respondents rating it the least accessible
Cosham station is deemed the fourth least accessible, with 25% respondents rating it the least accessible
Portsmouth harbour station is deemed the fifth least accessible, with 18% respondents rating it the least accessible

Direct quotes from respondents about the train stations


The lack of a lift at Hilsea was seen to be the biggest cause for its inaccessibility, the quotes below demonstrate this issue;

“No lift at Hilsea.”

“Hilsea has no lift, steps and slope over Norway Road difficult for my partner too access. London bound platform too distant without lift.”

“Hilsea train station is an absolute disgrace for accessibility! No lifts or ramps at the station make it impossible to use for the elderly or physically disabled.”


When asked why Fratton is inaccessible, respondents most often mentioned the unavailability of the lift, the length of the station and difficulty getting around with a pushchair. The quotes below further highlight these themes;

“Fratton stations have long stairways to reach / cross the lines.”

“Fratton – stairs from main road mean you have to rather take a very long walk round or carry the pram.”

“Fratton, since barriers were put in it is harder to navigate with a pushchair. Also, the pedestrian bridge over the railway is impassable with a pushchair.”

Portsmouth and Southsea

The quotes below further explore how Portsmouth and Southsea station is seen to be inaccessible, with the gap between the platform and trains a common issue;

“Portsmouth and Southsea… have long stairways to reach / cross the lines.”

“Improve platform at Portsmouth and Southsea so no huge gap.”

“Top platform at Portsmouth and Southsea. I am unable to get on the train due to the gap between platform and the train.”


When asked to explain why Cosham station is inaccessible, there were a number of complaints regarding the unreliability of the ticket office;

“The Cosham ticket office is shut some of the time and always at lunchtimes.”

“Ticket office opening at Cosham station is erratic.”

Other causes of inaccessibility revolve around the lack of a lift, or steep pavement slopes;

“Cosham station, side going to Southampton, have to ask for help because pavement slopes to the right before it becomes very steep.”

“Cosham when the road is closed mean you can only take the stairs so not ideal when catching a connecting train (i.e. no stop at Hilsea from Fratton so need to change at Cosham to go back). Only a ramp from one direction at Hilsea.”

Portsmouth Harbour

While few had issues with Portsmouth Harbour station, the quotes below cover some of the issues experienced;

“You have to walk a long way to get into Portsmouth Harbour Station as you cannot drive up to it.”

“Need more services starting at the Harbour Station – including stopping services to South Downs stations.”