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  • Beyond the improvement of their own physical health (mentioned by 20%), building in more cycle lanes or routes in Portsmouth would be the biggest incentive to re-engage in cycling, mentioned by 15% of our sample, followed by making roads safer (10%) and making cycle lanes specifically safer (9%)
  • Among parents, children growing up would also be a trigger to cycling again in the future (21%)

Triggers to cycling in Portsmouth again

Base: All with barriers to travel and have cycled in Portsmouth before but not anymore (167)

This chart shows the things that would trigger people to start cycling in Portsmouth again
20% of respondents say an improvement in their health and or use of their legs
15% say more cycle routes and or lanes
10% say safer roads and or routes
9% say safer cycle routes
7% say if they were younger or not as old as they are
7% say not having children or not having young children