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  • The vast majority of the sample do not currently cycle in Portsmouth, with 32% having cycled before but not anymore, and almost half (44%) never having cycled in Portsmouth before
  • One in five of the sample currently cycle in Portsmouth (20%), with half of them cycling on a weekly basis (10% of total sample) and 13% cycling at least once a month
  • Parents are the most likely to currently cycle (26% vs 20% total sample) followed by those with financial barriers (23%)
  • Those aged 16-34 and 55+ are the most likely to have never cycled in Portsmouth before (52% and 47% respectively vs 44% total sample)
  • High proportions of respondents give ‘poor/ very poor’ ratings for ‘suitable diversions when roadworks are taking place’ (52%) and the ‘safety of cycle paths’ (45%)

Frequency of cycling in Portsmouth

Base: All with barriers to travel (621)

This chart shows that with the frequency of bicycle use in Portsmouth
5% of respondents cycle in Portsmouth daily
5% cycle in Portsmouth weekly
4% cycle in Portsmouth monthly
6% cycle in Portsmouth less than once a month
32% cycle in Portsmouth previously but do not anymore
44% have never cycled in Portsmouth before

Frequency of cycling in Portsmouth - In-depth

Base: All with barriers causing them to struggle to travel due to: Disabled/caring for someone who is disabled (298) Elderly/caring for someone who is elderly (106) Parents (192) Financial barriers (86)

wdt_ID Frequency of cycling Disabled / caring for disabled (%) Elderly / caring for elderly (%) Parents (use a pushchair) (%) Financial (%)