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  • The majority of respondents made suggestions when given the opportunity to make further comments about the proposals; these suggestions center around improving cycle infrastructure, introducing more legislation (and enforcing it), improving pedestrian infrastructure and adding more signage
  • Just under a quarter of respondents gave additional feedback and/or asked questions regarding the proposal whilst just under a fifth (17%) had safety concerns
  • Around a fifth of respondents (17%) were generally supportive of the proposals

Do you have any further comments to make about these improvements to this route? Are there any other changes you would like to see there?

Base: those making further comments (136)

This table shows the key themes of responses from respondents who made any further comments about these improvements to this route or any other changes they want to see there: 24% had questions regarding the proposal, 20% said cycle improvement, 17% had concerns about safety, 17% were supportive of the proposals, 13% said more legislation or enforcement is needed, 13% said pedestrian improvement, 8% said aesthetic improvement, 7% were unsupportive of the proposals, 7% said traffic improvement, 5% were critical of Portsmouth City Council, 3% said more signage, 14% made other comments

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes) %
1 Feedback / question regarding proposal 24
2 Cycle improvement 20
3 Concern about safety 17
4 Comments about being supportive of the proposals 17
5 More legislation / enforcement 13
6 Pedestrian improvement 13
7 Aesthetic improvement 8
8 Comments about being unsupportive of the proposals 7
9 Traffic improvement 7
10 Critical of PCC 5
11 More signage 3
12 Other 14