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  • Respondents made a variety of suggestions when given the opportunity to make further comments about the proposed improvements to the Fratton to city centre route, these include making improvements for pedestrians and cyclists, wanting path segregation and implementing fines and other enforcement measures
  • Concerns about safety surrounding the proposed improvements to the route accounted for just over a fifth of responses (21%)

Do you have any further comments to make about these improvements to this route? Are there any other changes you would like to see there?

Base: those making further comments (146)

This table shows the key themes of responses of respondents who made further comments about improvements to this route:
21% were concerned about safety, 18% were complaints, 17% wanted pedestrian improvement, 15% were supportive of the improvements, 12% wanted cycle improvements, 9% wanted path segregation, 8% wanted better enforcement, 8% wanted traffic improvement, 5%wanted more lighting or CCTV, 5% wanted more greening or aesthetic improvement, 4% wanted more signage, 4% were unsupportive of the proposal, and 15% were other comments

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes) %
1 Concerns about safety 21
2 Complaints 18
3 Pedestrian improvement 17
4 Supportive of improvements 15
5 Cycle improvement 12
6 Want path segregation 9
7 Should introduce fines / enforcement 8
8 Traffic improvement 8
9 More lighting / CCTV 5
10 Greening / aesthetic improvement 5
11 More signage 4
12 Unsupportive of proposal/ improvements 4
13 Other 15