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  • A lot of interviewees mentioned the low costs to hire and use the existing centres and facilities.
  • Some clubs like the depth of Eastney Swimming Pool, the tiled flooring, and the privacy. The quietness of the pool and the focus on lane swimming were also mentioned positively.

“…the depth of the pool at Eastney is good, to be honest with you. It’s a good playing surface with the tiles and stuff like that.” (Octopush Junior)

“Some people like the fact that [the Eastney Swimming Pool] is deep… Other people like the fact that it’s relatively quiet, it’s not as busy as some of the other pools in the city at certain times of the day.” (Councillor)

  • Interviewees said the pool has a certain “quirkiness” and “charm” to it.
  • They also liked the fact that Wimbledon Park Sports Centre has five courts and is a dedicated badminton centre.

“[Wimbledon Park Sports Centre] is a real camp for badminton in the local area. Everyone knows it and everyone is happy playing down there.” (Southsea Badminton)

  • Interviewees said that the green walls, high roof, lighting and seating area also worked well.
  • Eastney Community Centre was described as a “well-used and liked” facility with a good committee and café.
Historical links
  • Some clubs have historical ties to the sites. For example, Octopush was first created in Southsea.
  • Residents feel a sentimental attachment to Eastney Swimming Pool in particular.

“It’s been there so long and just an attachment to it. There’s a lot of people who know the history of it… I suppose it is a nostalgia thing really that kicks in with the pool.” (Councillor)

  • Users said the existing centres are in “good” locations which are close to their homes.

“Obviously for some people, location is great… anywhere in Eastney it’s a very conveniently placed pool for them so it’s nice and handy to go along.” (Councillor)

Most of the people are local, our members are, if you look at the PO code of our members, they are local to the [Eastney Community] Centre. They’re not travelling more than two miles, or less than two miles to get to the place.” (Eastney Community Area Association Board)

  • They also said that Eastney Pool and Wimbledon Park have good car parking facilities.
  • Eastney Community Centre was described as a facility that serves the needs of the local community.

When we have a summer event or winter event… those things seem to be very important for the local community where it’s based.” (Eastney Community Area Association Board)

  • Pompey in the Community described their activity sessions as valuable for young people in this part of the island. They mentioned that there’s a lack of other similar services, and that people who access their activities tend to live quite close.