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  • Schools and educational settings were described as working well; they are supportive, offer constant communication and work closely with parents and  carers.
  • Joined-up services between schools, health professionals and support services were mentioned by a handful of this group as something else that works well.
  • Enable Ability was reported to be working well, as well as Short Breaks and respite programs. Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) were also mentioned positively, and a smaller number of this group of respondents discussed the SEND teams, Portage and Teen Project as things that work well.

What support is working well for children and young people with SEND in Portsmouth?

Base (2021 sample): 186 (responses from at least 5 respondents)
  1. Schools and education (54%)
  2. Enable Ability (10%)
  3. Short Breaks and respite programs  (5%)
  4. CAMHS (5%)
  5. SEND team (4%)
  6. Pre-paid Short Breaks card (4%)
  7. Portage (3%)
  8. Teen project (3%)