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  • Just over two fifths of respondents do not use any other services or community services (41%).
  • Of those who do use community services or other services, outdoor activities, library services, and sport and leisure activities are popular.
  • Parents and carers would like to see more opportunities for their child or young person to go swimming. They would also like to see more respite and assistance available as well as more holidays or breaks for the whole family.

Which of the following community services or other services do you use?

Base (2021 sample): 594

The following chart shows that 41% of respondents do not use any types of other services or community services.


What other Short Breaks or community services you would like to see available for children and young people with SEND?

Base (2021 sample): 192 (responses from at least 10 respondents)
  1. Swimming (10%)
  2. Respite for carers (10%)
  3. Family breaks and holidays  (10%)
  4. Consider different needs (8%)
  5. Make access easier (8%)
  6. Life skills and independence (8%)
  7. Sports groups (8%)