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  • Overall, the prepaid card is perceived very highly. Almost three quarters of this year’s cohort think that the card is ‘very good’, with a further 25% rating it as ‘good’ (97% in total).
  • Less than 1% of these respondents think that the card is ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’.
  • In 2018, more respondents rated the card on an equivalent scale of one to five as ‘five’ (very good – 83%), but only 9% rated the card ‘four’ (good) meaning that opinion has improved by five percentage points overall. Note: no feedback was collected over the last two years.

Overall, how do you rate the Short Breaks Prepaid Card?

Base (have a Short Breaks prepaid card): 2021 sample (316) | 2018 sample (54)

The following chart shows that the prepaid card was rated “very good” or “good” by 97% of respondents.