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  • Around one quarter of respondents who reported that they are aware of the Local Offer website heard about it from their child or young person’s school or college (23%).
  • The next most common responses were hearing about it from Portsmouth Parent Voice (11%) or online (11%).
  • A further 10% of parents and carers became aware of the Local Offer website through work or their role (10%).
  • From health professionals, social media, and Portsmouth City Council, and by word of mouth, were amongst the least popular responses.

How did you hear about the Local Offer website?

Base: 199 (responses from at least 8 respondents)
  1. School or college (23%)
  2. Portsmouth Parent Voice (11%)
  3. Online  (11%)
  4. Through work (10%)
  5. Health professional (7%)
  6. Council (5%)
  7. Friend or relative (5%)
  8. Social media (5%)
  9. Word of mouth (4%)