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Please tell us what support is working well for children and young people with SEND in Portsmouth?

Base: All those making a comment (187)

This table shows that:
36% of parents/carers making a comment think that school and education support for children and young people with SEND (e.g. specialist schools that understand needs, 1-1 support, access to inclusion centres ) is working well
8% think short breaks, respite and activities are working well
7% think Enable Ability is working well
6% think at home support/family key workers/home carers and disability living allowance are working well
5% think EHCP/EP assessments and the ND profiling tool are working well
4% think early help intervention is working well
4% think general help and support offered to SEND children is working well
3% think school transport assistance is working well
2% think that mental health support (e.g. CAMHS) is working well
7% think something else is working well
24% think nothing is working well or their comment is not applicable.

wdt_ID Comments mentioned Percentage (%)
1 School and education support (specialist schools that understand needs/1-1 support/access to inclusion centres) 36
2 Short breaks, respite and activities (short breaks card) 8
3 Enable Ability 7
4 At home support/family key worker/home carer/disability living allowance 6
5 EHCP/ EP assessments / ND profiling tool 5
6 Early help intervention 4
7 General help and support offered for SEND children 4
8 School transport 3
9 Mental health support (e.g. CAMHS) 2
10 Other (e.g. Portage/realistic timelines) 7
11 Nothing or N/A 24

“Early help 1-1 work with my son. Having the short breaks card to use for his sessions with Enable Ability.”

“Access to the inclusion centre and the excellent support they receive in school means they are able to go to school with peers in their local community. We finally have a SEN play scheme they can access in Paulsgrove and regular activities they can attend with Enable Ability. The ND profiling tool is also really useful and is providing schools with a good overview of needs prior to diagnosis.”

“CAMHS are brilliant, regular contact, no problems reaching them etc.”