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  • Nearly two-thirds of respondents have stopped activities due to COVID-19 lockdowns / restrictions (65%)
  • Nearly all respondents who have had to stop an activity due to the impact of COVID-19 report that these activities related to socialising, group activities, and classes (91%)
  • Additionally just over a quarter of these respondents say that their work or education has been impacted (26%) due to schools or colleges being closed
  • Approximately one in ten respondents say they have had to stop activities due to receiving less support during COVID-19 (9%)

Have you stopped any activities due to COVID lockdown/restrictions?

Base: Total sample (250)

This chart shows that 65% of respondents have stopped activities due to COVID-19 lockdowns/restrictions while 35% say that they have not stopped activities

Activities stopped during COVID-19: examples

Base: Those who have stopped activities (162)

This table shows the examples of activities stopped during COVID-19
91% of respondents say that they stopped socialising, and attending activities and or classes during COVID-19
26% say that they stopped attending work or education during COVID-19
9% say that they have had less support during COVID-19
2% say that they stopped other activities

wdt_ID Examples Percentage (%)
1 Socialising, activities and class 91
2 Work / education 26
3 Less support 9
4 Other 2