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  • The majority of respondents have not started any new activities as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns / restrictions (78%)
  • Of the remaining 22% of respondents who have started a new activity the most commonly reported activity creatively oriented, such as knitting, painting, reading, and cooking (24%)
  • Just over a fifth of respondents starting a new activity have started their own media channels on the internet, or have enjoyed watching movies, or gaming (22%)
  • Respondents also say they have enjoyed outdoor exercise, such as running, or taking part in outdoor classes (20%) or attending organisations such as Dynamite, MAKE, or Enable Ability (16%)
  • Video-conferencing software was also used by a small number of respondents to engage with new activities, with one in ten respondents taking part in Zoom calls with family and friends, and creative or exercise classes over Zoom (11%)

Have you started any new activities as a result of COVID lockdown/restrictions?

Base: Total sample (248)

This chart shows that 78% of respondents say they have not started new activities as a result of COVID lockdowns/restrictions whilst 22% say that they have started new activities

Activities started during COVID-19: examples

Base: Those who have started activities (55)

This table shows examples of the activities started by respondents during COVID-19
24% of respondents started creative activities
22% started media related activities
20% started outdoor activities
16% started to attend Dynamite, MAKE and or Enable Ability
11% started zoom calls and classes
7% started other activities

wdt_ID Activities started Percentage (%)
1 Creative activities 24
2 Media 22
3 Outdoor exercise 20
4 Dynamite, MAKE, Enable Ability 16
5 Zoom calls and classes 11
6 Other 7