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  • Very few respondents do not travel through Rudmore roundabout (0.3%)
  • The main reasons for traveling via the roundabout are: traveling to work (53%), to shops (47%), to see friends and family (46%), and to a leisure activity (45%)
  • Only a small percentage of respondents travel via Rudmore roundabout to get to a place of education (4%). ‘Other’ respondents wrote in that they travel as part of their job (taxi or bus drivers, for example), for volunteering or because there is no alternative route to where they live

Do you ever travel on a route that takes you through Rudmore roundabout?

Base: Total sample (286)

Chart shows that almost all respondents (over 99%) travel through Rudmore roundabout. Less than 1% said they do not travel through the roundabout.

What are the main reasons you travel via Rudmore roundabout?

Base: Those travelling through Rudmore roundabout (267)

Chart shows that 53% of respondents who travel via Rudmore roundabout are travelling to work, 47% are travelling to shops, 46% are travelling to see friends or family, 45% are travelling to a leisure activity, 16% are travelling as part of exercise, 4% are travelling to education (i.e. school or university), and 8% are travelling for other unspecified reasons.