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  • Respondents report that the proposals in question are unnecessary and do not solve the problem, with many respondents suggesting that other places need more attention – such as access to/from Kingston Crescent, and delays caused by entry to Whale Island
  • Respondents suggest that traffic controls (such as traffic lights and junctions) and underpasses need to be improved, especially for safety of cyclists and those on foot

Further comments

Base: Total sample (90)

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes) %

This table shows that of any further comments, 42% said other places need more attention, 41% said the proposed changes are unnecessary, 18% said traffic controls need more attention, 14% said investment is needed in the condition of the underpasses, 11% said investment is needed in public transport and cycle routes instead, 6% were in agreement with the proposals, 6% were general complaints about the council and government, and 14% were about other unspecified comments.