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Base: Total sample (291)

This table shows a summary of further comments that respondents left in the consultation. Of the further comments, 30% related to improving lane usage while 19% related to traffic controls.

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes) %
1 Improve lane usage / reduce islands (e.g. filter lanes, widen) 30
2 Traffic controls (e.g. lights, box junction) 19
3 Improve and/or separate footpaths / cycle paths (access, safety) 18
4 Proposal not suitable / does not address needs 15
5 Reduce speed (e.g., lower limit, camera) 8
6 Better signage / road markings 6
7 Other 22

Some of our residents said:

“I’m not convinced this is the most important thing the city needs. Buses seem to navigate here quite easily, so I think the gains are only marginal. Why not use the money to make significant improvements to the city like building a new bridge for buses, pedestrians and cyclists connecting Tipner to Port Solent.”

“I have always felt that Portsbridge roundabout needs a traffic light system at peak times.”

“Yes the new island for Cosham exit is a good idea to stop lane jumping. I don’t think a new pedestrian crossing is necessary.”