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  • Half of the respondents in the consultation (50%) are from the PO6 area where the Portsbridge round about is located
  • The least amount of respondents are from the PO1 area (1%) and 8% of respondents were from areas outside of Portsmouth
  • The majority of respondents to the consultation are over the age of 45 (63%)
  • There is an equal split of males and females in the consultation, however males just achieved a majority (51%)
  • The majority of respondents are from a white ethnic group (98%)
  • The vast majority of respondents (90%) do not have a disability; 10% report a disability
  • Mobility (47%) and physical (47%) disabilities are most common

What is your postcode?

Base: Total sample (438)

This chart shows that 20% of respondents live in the PO2 area, and 50% live in the PO6 area. Only 3% live in the PO5 area while only 1% live in PO1.

What is your age group?

Base: Total sample (464)

The chart shows that only 3% of respondents were 18-24 year olds, while 45-54 year olds were the largest group (23%). People aged 65 and over were the second largest group (22%).


What is your sex?

Base: Total sample (448)

This chart shows that 51% of respondents were male


What is your ethnic group?

Base: Total sample (443)

98% of respondents were from a white ethnic group.

Do you consider yourself to have a disability under the Equality Act 2010?

Base: Total sample (449)

The chart shows that 90% of respondents do not have a disability, while 10% have a disability.

What type of disability do you have?

Base: Those with a disability (44)

The charts shows that of those who have a disability, 47% said they have a physical disability, while 21% said they have a mental health disability.