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  • The largest proportion of comments relate to unique suggestions pertaining to a specific area of personal interest to the respondent (10%)
  • Other respondents fear that changes will make things worse – such as by increasing congestion, removal of parking spaces, and additional roundabouts (4%), or that changes are unnecessary (3%)
  • Some respondents offer general support (4%), and nearly three quarters of respondents did not provide further comments (73%)

Further comments made about planned improvements

Base: Total sample (420)

This table shows the further comments made by respondents about the proposed improvements to Lake Road
10% of respondents offer alternative and or additional suggestions
4% have concerns that changes will make things worse
4% express general support
3% say that the proposed improvements are unnecessary
6% make other comments
73% of respondents did not make further comments

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes) Percentage (%)
1 Alternative / additional suggestions 10
2 Concern changes will make things worse 4
3 General support 4
4 Unnecessary 3
5 Other 6
6 No comment 73

Direct quotes from respondents

“To improve Lake Road, the road will have to be made wider to get the cycle lane or are you proposing to take the parking away?”

“A complete rethink of the road system around the north side of commercial road would be better.  Find a solution without roundabouts would be a start.”

“I am happy for my journey times by car to be negatively impacted if it means people can travel more efficiently by bus and bicycle.”