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  • A majority of respondents do not make any further comments (65%)
  • The largest proportion of comments suggest improvements to cycle lanes, pavements, and seating areas such as adding greenery, and making lanes wider (8%)
  • Others suggest that the road crossing by the station needs attention (6%), or say that the changes proposed are unnecessary (5%)
  • The smallest proportion of comments advise that changes may make roads worse (congestion), and that e-scooters / Hackney vehicles and cyclists are the problem (2%)

Further comments made about planned improvements

Base: Total sample (420)

This table shows the further comments made about the proposed improvements to the city centre south
8% of respondents say that improvements to cycle lanes, pavements and or seating areas are needed
6% say that the road crossing by the stations is currently dangerous, should be opened up and or that it should be improved
5% say that the proposals are unnecessary and or the wrong way to spend money
4% say that buses and public transport are too expensive, that there should be integrated public transport tickets and more priority given to buses
3% express general support towards the proposals – and the same proportion say that they need more information
2% say that e-scooters, hackney vehicles and or cyclists are the problems
1% say that changes could make things worse
7% make other comments

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes) Percentage (%)
1 Improvements to cycle lanes, pavements and seating areas 8
2 Road crossing by station (currently dangerous, should be opened up, improved crossing) 6
3 Unnecessary / wrong way to spend money 5
4 Buses and public transport (too expensive, integrated single ticket, more bus priority) 4
5 General support / need more info 3
6 E-scooters/ Hackney vehicles/ cyclists are the problem 2
7 Changes could make things worse 1
8 Other 7

Direct quotes from respondents

“Cycling is very dangerous here. This is a main route for cyclists and must be made safer and more pleasant.”

“The roads here are dangerous to cross, the traffic is not light controlled, and is fortunate to have not seen a serious pedestrian accident. You can’t just allow buses and taxis to flow through in two-lanes and not cars.”