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  • Most respondents do not make any further comments (95%)
  • The largest proportion of comments make alternative suggestions for improvements (11%), such as clearer signage, looking at traffic lights, or closing the whole area to traffic
  • Others suggest improving public transport (8%), or improving the surrounding area (such as by adding greenery) (7%)
  • Respondents also suggest that improvements are not necessary (6%), or suggest improving cycling infrastructure (5%), transport safety (4%), or ask for more information (1%)

Further comments made about planned improvements

Base: those opposing (420)

This table shows the further comments made about the proposed improvements to the city centre north
11% of respondents provide alternative suggestions
8% say that public transport should be improved
7% say that the surrounding areas should be improved with more greenery added
6% say that the improvements are unnecessary and or that money should be spent elsewhere
5% say that cycle infrastructure should be improved
4% say that safety should be improved
3% express general agreement towards the proposed improvements
1% say that more and or clearer information is needed
3% make other comments

wdt_ID Responses (showing key themes) Percentage (%)
1 Alternative suggestions 11
2 Improve public transport 8
3 Improve surrounding area and add more greenery 7
4 Improvements are not necessary / money should be spent elsewhere 6
5 Improve cycle infrastructure 5
6 Improve safety 4
7 General agreement 3
8 More / clearer info needed 1
9 Other 3

Direct quotes from respondents

“If motoring habits, employment, shopping etc are inevitably all going to change, and more “able bodied” are going to be encouraged to walk, scoot or cycle and electric vehicles will cut pollution why bother to spend money on alterations?”

“A lot of the hold ups are created by the strange timing of the lights.  Perhaps that could be looked into.”