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  • Awareness of food banks, universal credit, housing benefit and free school meals is high (56%+) at a total sample level
  • Discretionary housing payments and the Household Support Fund have the lowest awareness (14% and 15% aware respectively)
  • Usage of the different sources of support is low at a total sample level. The most used are universal credit and housing benefit (both 7% use)

Which of the following sources of support are you aware of, and which do you use?

Weighted base: W5 sample: 2,033 | All those aware: 1,855

This chart shows that
83% are aware of Food banks and 5% use them
73% are aware of Universal credit and 7% use it
65% are aware of Housing benefit and 7% use it
56% are aware of Free school meals and 4% use them
42% are aware of Community pantries and larders and 3% use them
34% are aware of Council tax support scheme and 3% use it
27% are aware of Tax free childcare and 4% use it
21% are aware of Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) and 1% use them
20% are aware of NHS Healthy Starts and 2% use it
15% are aware of Household Support Fund and 2% use it
14% are aware of Discretionary housing payment and less than 1% use it
1% are aware of another source of support and 1% use another source of support
10% are aware of None of these and 78% use no sources of support




Those aged 16-24 are most likely to be accessing support (31%); food banks (15%), housing benefit (14%), Household Support Fund (8%), universal credit (10%) and NHS Healthy Starts (8%).


Residents with a disability are more likely to be using support than those without (37%).

Household income

Those earning £60k+ are much more likely to be aware of nearly all these sources of support but don’t use them, except tax-free childcare (8%). Those earning less than £20k are the heaviest users.

Ethnic groups

Excluding NHS Healthy Starts, those from an ethnic minority are less likely to be aware of these sources of support. In terms of use they are more likely to be using food banks (24%), housing benefit (19%), Household Support Fund (12%), universal credit (13%) and NHS Healthy Starts (12%).

Household status

LA renters are more likely to be using food banks, community pantries and larders, housing benefit, universal credit, council tax support scheme, HAF and free school meals.

Children in household

Households with children are more likely to be accessing universal credit (16%), free school meals (13%) and tax free childcare (13%) whilst those without children are less likely to be accessing any of these sources of support (84%).