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  • The majority (72%) of respondents in the consultation were visitors who live elsewhere but visit, work or travel through Palmerston Road
  • Just over a quarter (26%) of respondents were residents; 23% live on connecting roads whilst 3% live on Palmerston Road
  • There were very few respondents who were owners or representatives of businesses on Palmerston Road (1%)

This chart shows that the majority of respondents (72%) in the consultation were visitors, 26% were residents and 2% were businesses.

Base: 1,370

This chart shows that 72% of respondents were visitors who live in another area but visit, work on or travel through Palmerston Road. 23% of respondents were residents of a road that connect with Palmerston Road and 3% were residents of  Palmerston Road.

Base: 1,370