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  • The largest number of respondents (31%) feel that Objective 1 ‘Delivering cleaner air’ is most important; they feel that Objective 1 will contribute to a healthier environment, improve health in the city overall, and make Portsmouth a better place for the upcoming generation
  • The smallest number of respondents (20%) feel that Objective 2 ‘Prioritising walking and cycling’ is the most important

Most important objectives

Base: 856

The following chart shows what objective are most important to the respondents. Respondents feel all of the objectives are of fairly equal importance. 31% of respondents selected “Objective 1: Delivering cleaner air” as the most important objective, 27% selected “Objective 3: Transforming public transport”, 22% selected “Objective 4: Supporting businesses and protecting our assets”, and 20% selected “Objective 2: prioritising walking and cycling”.

Respondents' reasons for rating each objective as most important

Objective 1: Delivering cleaner airFor better health in the city

To protect the younger generation

For a healthier environment

Objective 2: Prioritising walking and cyclingIf it was a priority it would encourage residents to walk and cycle more

To protect the environment

Would improve the safety for pedestrians and cyclists

Objective 3: Transforming public transportPublic transport is the only viable alternative

It's poor at the moment

Prioritising this would help to achieve all other objectives

To see reduced costs

Objective 4: Supporting businesses and protecting our assetsIt's important for income generation

The city is defined by its assets


Respondents' reasons for disagreeing with each objective

Base: Respondents disagreeing (154)

*Caution small base

Objective ReasonsBase
1. Delivering clean airSome residents need their cars

The air is already clean in Portsmouth

It can be achieved

2. Prioritising walking and cyclingThis shouldn't be a priority

It's not practical for most residents

3. Transforming public transportReduce the price of public transport

Many not owned by the council

Safety concerns

4. Supporting businesses and protecting our assetsIt's unclear what the assets are

Doesn't support objective 2