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  • The largest number of respondents (31%) feel that Objective 1 ‘Delivering cleaner air’ is most important; they feel that Objective 1 will contribute to a healthier environment, improve health in the city overall, and make Portsmouth a better place for the upcoming generation
  • The smallest number of respondents (20%) feel that Objective 2 ‘Prioritising walking and cycling’ is the most important

Most important objectives

Base: 856

The following chart shows what objective are most important to the respondents. Respondents feel all of the objectives are of fairly equal importance. 31% of respondents selected “Objective 1: Delivering cleaner air” as the most important objective, 27% selected “Objective 3: Transforming public transport”, 22% selected “Objective 4: Supporting businesses and protecting our assets”, and 20% selected “Objective 2: prioritising walking and cycling”.

Respondents' reasons for rating each objective as most important

Objective 1: Delivering cleaner airFor better health in the city

To protect the younger generation

For a healthier environment

Objective 2: Prioritising walking and cyclingIf it was a priority it would encourage residents to walk and cycle more

To protect the environment

Would improve the safety for pedestrians and cyclists

Objective 3: Transforming public transportPublic transport is the only viable alternative

It's poor at the moment

Prioritising this would help to achieve all other objectives

To see reduced costs

Objective 4: Supporting businesses and protecting our assetsIt's important for income generation

The city is defined by its assets