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  • 66% of respondents either agree or strongly agree that the strategic objectives are the right ones and 17% either disagree or strongly disagree
  • The majority of respondents (72%) disagree with ‘Objective 2: Prioritising walking and cycling’, the other objectives attract much lower levels of disagreement

For full wording of the objectives please see the table below.

Agreement with the strategic objectives

Base: Total sample (864)

The following chart shows respondents level of agreement with the four strategic objectives that support the draft vision. 66% of respondents agree with the strategic objectives

Disagreement with each objective

Base: Respondents disagreeing (154)

The following chart shows respondent level of agreement with each strategic objective. The majority of respondents (72%) disagree with “Objective 2: prioritising walking and cycling”.

Respondents' reasons for disagreeing with each objective

Base: Respondents disagreeing (154)

*Caution small base

1: Delivering cleaner airSome residents need their cars

The air is already clean in Portsmouth

It can't be achieved

2: Prioritising walking and cyclingThis shouldn't be a priority

It's not practical for most residents

3: Transforming public transportReduce the price of public transport

Many not owned by council

Safety concerns

4: Supporting businesses and

protecting our assets
It's unclear what the assets are

Doesn't support Objective 2