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  • The largest proportion of respondents who took part in the consultation were 55 to 64 years old (27%). Only 2% of respondents were 18 to 24. This is a normal trend for social consultations where over 55’s tend to interact more. With the exception of under 24’s, all other age groups were represented well in this consultation
  • The majority of respondents in this consultation were male (57%)
  • Most respondents were White or White British (97%)
  • The majority of respondents do not have a disability (87%) whereas 13% do consider themselves to have a disability. This is broadly representative of the population of Portsmouth where the latest ONS estimates show that 16% of residents in Portsmouth have a disability
  • The largest proportions of people who have a disability have mobility issues (46%) or a physical disability (42%)

Age groups

Base: Total sample (881)

The following chart shows the age distribution of respondents in a bell curve peaking between the ages of 55 and 64.


Base: Total sample (861)

The following chart shows the split of male and female respondents to be 43% female and 57% male.

Ethnic group

Base: Total sample (831)

The following chart shows a split of respondents by ethnic group. The vast majority of the sample (97%) were White or White British.

Has a disability

Base: Total sample (855)

The following chart shows that 13% of respondents said they have a disability.

Type of disability

Base: Those with a disability (110)

The following chart shows that of the respondents that have a disability, 46% have a mobility issue and 42% have a physical disability. They are the most common types of disabilities.