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Base: Total sample (282)

Respondents were asked if they felt anything was missed under the transforming public transport objective. The most common suggestions of what’s missing are that:

  • More needs to be done to make public transport affordable. Although there is a policy that talks about affordability, many respondents would want to see prices go down a lot more. They feel this would encourage them to use public transport more. Suggestions for making public transport more affordable are to:
    • introduce an ‘oyster card like’ system or an unlimited travel pass, which could be used all day, across all public transport types and providers in the city
    • offer subsidised fares for more groups such as school and university students, and over 50’s
  • Include a policy that focuses on reducing emissions of public transport to make public transport greener and cleaner. Respondents suggest this could be achieved by:
    • stopping the use of diesel buses,
    • reducing the size of buses,
    • enforcing taxi firms to use electric cars,
    • re-introducing a tram or monorail service, and
    • a better integration of cycling and walking networks into the public transport network, so individuals can complete part of their journey through active travel
  • Public water transport links should be used, to create faster public transport and less road traffic. In particular, some respondents highlighted that the sea could be used for faster transport links between Southampton, London and Portsmouth