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A brief summary of the comments made by Public Health
  • The principles and aims set out in the Background Paper are key to ensuring success of physical infrastructure improvement schemes.
  • All active travel schemes will need to be balanced to ensure that one active mode is not prioritised at the expense of another.
  • Further information could be provided outlining the health benefits of walking and cycling.
  • Links should be made to Bikeability and other road safety schemes.
  • The eastern side of the city, along with parts of Cosham have not been highlighted as areas for improvement, particularly for walking – although it is noted that the prioritisation, methodology and process used provides clarity regarding this.
  • The LCWIP should link directly to other transport policy areas.
  • The LCWIP should recognise its role in tackling inequality in the city’s more deprived areas.
  • Behavioural insights should be used.