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  • 66 respondents gave comments on the plans for King George V Playing Fields either via a feedback form or verbally
  • 27% of comments received were regarding issues or suggestions for the wider park and not specifically about the proposal
  • The most common theme from comments received that were specifically about the proposal were positive remarks towards the proposal (24%)
  • Of all the attendees only 8% were opposed to the scheme
  • Attendees from the existing community were also asked to give their opinion on two options of pitch size
  • Of the seven responses gathered for this, 86% preferred Option 2 – which was the larger pitch

An asterisk (*) indicates a very small base size, caution should be taken when interpreting the results

Common themes from general responses

Base: Total sample (66)

wdt_ID Theme Percentage (%)
1 Comments about the wider park 27
2 Positive remarks about the proposal 24
3 Comments about the pavilion / café / toilets 17
4 Concerns or questions (but overall positive) 12
5 Concerns about loss of open space 12

This table shows that across the general responses
27% of comments were made about the wider park
24% of comments included positive remarks about the proposal
17% of comments were about the pavilion/ café and or toilets
12% of comments surrounded concerns and or questions about the proposal – but these were positive overall
12% of comments surrounded concerns about the loss of open space


Specific comments:

  • “Brilliant idea, not before time“
  • “The provisional plans seem to be excellent and will continue to be an asset to the community“
  • “Really good investment – especially café and toilets. Social enterprise café would be really good“
  • “…can you get any other sports on there to get maximum use all year round“
  • “Will it affect Mutiny Festival and other events“
  • “I would support these proposals as long as there is always some element of common ground for dog walkers“
  • “Cycling routes – a proper cycling track needs to be marked out“
  • “More litter bins and dogs bins needed”

Preference of pitch size option

Base: Total sample (7*) | *caution small base

wdt_ID Pitch option Percentage (%)
2 Option 2 (larger pitch) 86
3 Option 1 (smaller pitch) 14

This table shows that 86% of the 7 respondents preferred option 2 – the larger sized pitch, while 14% preferred option 1 – the smaller sized pitch