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  • Space for restaurant tables and chairs (88%), public benches (75%) and greening (75%) were the most popular suggested improvements for Guildhall Walk
  • Three residents left further comments; that the closure has brought about a better atmosphere on Guildhall Walk such that the road closure should be made permanent, and that the road closure was unnecessary and the road should be reopened to traffic

In the future, what additional improvements would you like to be considered along Guildhall Walk?

Base: Total residents (8*) | *Caution small base

This chart shows what additional improvements residents would like to be considered along Guildhall Walk. The most popular additional improvement is for there to be more space for tables and chairs (88%).

Further comments

Base: Total residents (3*) | *Caution small base

This table shows the main themes emerging from the further comments left by residents.

wdt_ID Further comments %
1 Better atmosphere 33
2 Keep it closed 33
3 Unnecessary to close the road 33

Some of our residents have said:

“It would be wonderful to have the Guildhall Walk to match the lovely square, to encourage restaurants and social venues to have outside space to make the first impressions when you come from the station to be look more cosmopolitan. It would regenerate the area. Much like the Palmerston road that now looks so much more appealing to visitors and for all who live here.”

“Stop fixing things that are not – and never were – broken. Re-open Guildhall Walk to traffic.”