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  • Respondents would like the council to make sure EDI policies are measurable and accountable, and would like the council to re-consult as policy progresses
  • Respondents would also like more face-to-face consultation and community events

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Base: Online respondents leaving a comment (43)

This table shows that of the respondents who left further comments:
16% of respondents commented that EDI policies should be measurable and accountable
14% of respondents feel the council should re-consult as the policy progresses
12% of respondents think there should be face to face consultations and community events
9% of respondents feel there is an equitable workplace culture
5% of respondents voiced that there should be EDI training for councillors
35% made other comments that did not fit into any of the key themes
16% had no comment

wdt_ID Themes mentioned Percentage of respondents (%)
1 Make sure EDI policies are measurable and accountable 16
2 Re-consult as policy progresses 14
3 Face to face consultation/community events 12
4 Equitable workplace culture 9
5 EDI training for councillors 5
6 Other 35
7 N/A or no comment 16

“Make sure it’s something that someone can be held accountable to? I’m sure if you’re at all interested in and committed to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion you’ll be aware of all the ways other organisations get it wrong, and a very easy way to make sure nothing gets done at all is create a document that is there purely for the sake of having that document. It is vague enough that any further questions or complaints can be encompassed by it, just helpful sounding enough that many people could maybe be placated by it, but leads to absolutely no positive change, and actually serves as a roadblock to future progress. I’d hate to see that happen to a council that has so far been so good at serving to address inequality and help everyone in the city lead the life they deserve to, so It would mean a lot if this strategy was something that leaves a lasting legacy, and could act as a jumping off point for future initiatives.”

“Equity and inclusion – ensuring that people are competing on a truly level playing field, rather than simply all being ostensibly offered the same opportunities and ensuring that people share a sense of belonging and of being valued as and for themselves are intangible but highly prized qualities in any workplace. Reading this consultation, it feels like PCC has some way to go before they clearly understand what is needed.”

“A strategy serves the basis of what and how the council will focus its effort on the particular matter in the next few years therefore unless the information acquired is correct and verified and agreed by all representation of the community it will not serve adequate purpose. The draft strategy also needs to be reviewed by representation of the diverse community before being finalised.”

“That council members operate across political barriers and sign up to the agenda. Education is key to the promotion of social inclusion.”