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  • 8% comment that public transport needs to be better, with suggestions such as using smaller vehicles to provide community transport options, expanded P&R timetables, and more direct bus routes
  • 5% would like to see improvements to cycling/ walking routes and cycling infrastructure, better enforcement of e-scooter usage and cycle lane usage
  • 4% also comment that alternatives to cars don’t work for everyone e.g. those with a disability, family groups and travel to certain destinations

Do you have any (other) comments to make about the draft policies for objective 3?

Base: Total sample (1,250)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Better public transport is needed e.g. cheaper, community transport options, more convenient and direct, P&R in the evenings, safer, better timetables, more direct 8
2 Need to improve cycling and walking routes and cycling infrastructure, incentives to buy electric bikes, secure bike storage 5
3 Enforce correct use of e-scooters and cycle lanes / ban e-scooters / stop them littering the pavements 5
4 Alternatives to cars don't work for everyone / people will always use cars e.g. disabled, people who need vehicle for work or to carry stuff, public transport doesn't go to all destinations, travel off the island, family groups 4
5 Unachievable / vague / no substance 4
6 Penalises workers 4
7 Generally supportive 4
8 More focus on green targets e.g. reducing number of cars and associated emissions and parking needs, proper CAZ, school streets, road tolls, more pedestrianised streets, tackle engine idling 3
9 More focus on residents parking e.g. fairer / cheaper permits, resident car parks, easier to convert forecourts to parking, marked out bays, enforcement of permits, sort out football traffic, more parking generally 3
10 Anti-motorist / restrictive 2
11 Reduce numbers of large vehicles in residential areas e.g. commercial, campervans 2
12 Generally negative 2
13 Will negatively impact businesses and the local economy 1
14 Shared spaces on roads or traffic calming layouts make congestion worse / not feasible on narrow roads / improve road layouts / no more cycle lanes 1
15 Other e.g. legalise private e-scooters, more incentives rather than penalties, EV infrastructure, consult more and use local experts to develop policy, reduce port pollution, improve the city centre, more off island parking options, control housing 6
16 No relevant comment / no comment 61