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  • In terms of what is missing from the mission statement, 63% made no comments
  • 4% again stated their view that the strategy is a waste of money, not needed, and a distraction from providing high quality core services
  • 2% suggested minor text amends, the most frequent of which was to change ‘equity’ to ‘equality’
  • 2% found the statement to be too long or difficult to understand, or wanted it to be more strongly worded and action-oriented

Do you think there is anything missing from our mission statement?

Base: Total sample (565)
wdt_ID Key themes Percentage (%)
1 Waste of money / not needed / focus on core services 4
2 Minor text changes e.g. equality not equity, residents before staff, freedom of speech controversial, 'ensure' cannot be guaranteed by PCC 2
3 Too vague / hard to understand / wordy e.g. doesn't say which protected characteristic groups are included, what the barriers are, not action-oriented enough 2
4 Questions about implementation 2
5 Doesn't include/name certain groups e.g. visitors, students, voluntary bodies, the elderly, LGBTQ+, faith-based 2
6 Doesn't recognise the rights of the white British majority / hard-working residents 2
7 Include something about accessibility and physical barriers / championing disability rights 1
8 Make statement stronger e.g. will not tolerate discriminatory behaviour from… 1
9 Generally positive 1
10 Something about EDI education and inclusive celebrations 1
11 Other e.g. promote Portsmouth, concerns over freedom of speech, consult more broadly 4
12 No comment / don’t know / no relevant comment 63