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  • All businesses who left comments felt their customers and employees would use the service
  • Businesses talked about the service being beneficial to their customers especially those in older age groups who have difficulty accessing the area
  • Many feel the service would offer more transport options and encourage staff to work in the area

An asterisk (*) indicates a small base size, caution should be taken when interpreting the results

‘Why do you think your customers would or would not use this service?’

Base: Total sample (5*) *Caution small base

“Because we are constantly being told by our customers on social media that they cannot reach us due to no bus service – especially our older customers that cannot drive anymore.”

“The majority of our customer base is older and with no buses coming anywhere near Port Solent, this means a lot of the older generations are unable to get to the Port Solent complex.”

“Cosham link opens those using trains from afar.”

‘Why do you think your employees would or would not use this service?’

Base: Total sample (4*) * Caution small base

“Many staff have to only work certain hours as they otherwise get stranded and have to get expensive taxis home – this would also improve the amount of interest in jobs at our centre.”

“Timetables for local buses are terrible and very infrequent. I think this service would be so beneficial to the whole local area (Porchester, Fareham, Portsmouth).”

“We are looking for apprentices – presently put off by access issues.”