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  • 60% of businesses are in support of keeping Castle Road closed to vehicles, just over a third would prefer a hybrid approach moving forwards with a one-way lane for vehicles from south to north
  • Just 5% of businesses would like the road reopened to vehicles (this represents one response due to the small base size here)

Which of these three options do you support the most?

Base: Total businesses (20*)  | * Caution small base

This chart shows that keeping Castle Road closed to vehicles is the most popular option and is selected by the majority. Amongst businesses (60%), 35% want a hybrid approach with a one-way lane for vehicles from south to north and just 5% want the road reopened to vehicles.

Hybrid approach

A drawing of a possible hybrid approach vision for castle road

This hybrid approach would include a one-way lane for vehicles from south to north that would exit via Hambrook Street. People walking and cycling would be able to access all of Castle Road however just north of Hambrook Street it would be closed to motor vehicles. This would stop Castle Road being a cut through from the seafront to Elm Grove and reduce traffic significantly whilst making a community atmosphere with market stalls and outside dining. In addition to calming traffic in Castle Road, the hybrid option would also have a traffic calming effect in St Edwards Road, Great Southsea Street and Hambrook Street whilst remaining fully accessible to residents.