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  • Concerns about distance (40%), vehicle availability (40%), and potential Covid-19 exposure (40%) were the most common reasons as to why businesses would not consider joining a car club
  • ‘Other’ concerns were very business specific and do not offer much insight

An asterisk (*) indicates a very small base size, caution should be taken when interpreting the results

Why would you not consider joining a car club for business purposes?

Base: Would not join car club (10*) | *caution small base

This chart shows the reasons why respondent businesses would not consider joining a car club:
40% distance of car club vehicle bays to their place of work
40% uncertainty surrounding vehicle availability when needed
40% would not want staff using vehicles that had been used by strangers; citing Covid-19 concerns
30% uncertainty about staff uptake
30% inconvenience
30% cost
30% not having enough vehicles to cover their business needs
30% concerns about being able to park car club vehicles at designated locations upon journey completion
40% other reasons
20% selected ‘none of these’