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The council budget comprises various income streams and purposes. Revenue budget must be used to fund all ongoing services, and capital budget can only be invested in new projects. Also, some funding is ring-fenced for specific services, such as the cost of providing housing benefits and the cost to run schools. Like all councils, Portsmouth City Council (PCC) is facing reduced funding from the national government; excluding ring-fenced funding, PCC has a budget of £159 million moving into 2023.

The council has been affected by the cost of living crisis like everyone else. It is anticipated PCC will incur an additional cost of £7.4m this year just from rising inflation and increases in energy costs, therefore the council must look to save money from within its budget. It is always the council’s aim to find most of these savings by reducing costs or increasing income, rather than by cutting services. As well as making savings from our day-to-day expenditure, it remains important that PCC continue to invest in the future of the city.

To give residents a voice in decisions about the council’s budget and how it is spent, the annual budget consultation included questions aimed at encouraging respondents to prioritise services they think are most important, before asking about future investment priorities.

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